dinsdag 17 februari 2009

Afstudeerverslag: Data Streaming

Alex Kasabov (2008)

What mechanisms are available to push data updates, resulting from a back-end model data changes, directly to (thin or thick) client applications that are connected to, or interested in updates? Which of these can be used in a Flash/Flex and Java Enterprise Edition-based environment, and how to keep only a loose coupling with the model when retro-applying them?

These questions were faced by graduation student Alex Kasabov from Bulgaria, who dived into the subject and researched and prototyped technologies like BlazeDS, LiveCycle Data Services, WebORB and the connectivity with an Enterprise Java Beans 3 model through JMS (Java Messaging Service). Alex demonstrated his approach and findings by integrating push-datastreams with ISAAC's Personal Time Management software. The prototype made use of JBoss as an application server, JBoss MS, and BlazeDS from Adobe. Alex finished his project in July 2008 with an in-depth presentation at ISAAC.

Due to the technical depth and insight, well-performed research and excellent reporting on his graduation project, Alex was rewarded with a 9 as graduation mark.

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